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Bohemian Themed Party

This year is the hottest weather in Germany, putting up a party on the outside of your house would be not a good Idea. But I am thankful that I could still managed to set up a bohemian themed party at my friends’ Place. T’was a pleasant, cozy & chill Saturday to celebrate this baby shower of my good friend Stefie. I styled the whole party itself and desserts that my friend also helped me out and ohh.. check out also the guests’ outfits those are just so really pretty that any girls could dream of! The party ended up till 2: 00 AM.. so Enjoy every little details….

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Star Wars Themed Party

Last weekend we decided to make a Starwars Themed Party for our little gian! Since han solo movie is came out, here’s is kinda tribute for the movie! It was fan because we also wore costumes and played with the kids! Check out also Chewie’s appearance! We would like to thank our dear talented friend Ken Jaesch, to his husband as the Chewbacca Chris Jaesch and their little once who made an effort also to have a family-costume together! Enjoy every Details!

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Denim Themed Party

Last weekend we had really fun and first big event that we are now excited to share! our friend Lalaina approached us to help her to her 40th Birthday Party and we didn’t hesitate to accept it! we made her a Denim Themed Party upon her request. We had to witnessed too how Madagascar Party could be! we will be uploading our Video about it soon! stay tuned…
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